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A Bright Name in Orthodontics & Dental Instruments Industry INTRODUCTION OF ALL WORLD TRADING CORPORATION Please Must Read Me Since 1974 All World Trading Corporation has established an outstanding reputation for manufacturing only the highest quality Orthodontics & Dental Instruments. Our all instruments / products are engineered with the user in mind-easy to use, Technologically superior, innovative and of the highest quality. As a manufacturer we offer to our valuable customers that purchase of instruments which manufactured with excellent quality by All World Trading Corporation and as a manufacturer we always produce all instruments with excellent quality and provide our valuable customers Since 1974. We have exceeding (66 Skilled Workers. All instruments/products marketed by All World Trading Corporation are manufactured to the highest quality as per International standard ISO-9001:2008, CE Marking, cGMP systems are mach a part of our daily productions. All World Trading Corporation has different kinds of machineries in the factory for manufacturing all parts of instruments correctly for assembling the all instruments with excellent quality. We are expert and have a much experience for producing any new items of any kinds. Also All World Trading have plastic injection molding unit & Steel Dai casting unit for the manufacturing difficult items with accuracy. All World Trading Corporation demanding quality control department meticulously ensures compliance with all ISO-9001:2008, CE, marking, cGMP International regulations. All World Trading Corporation continues research for products development based on the latest available technology is executed by our competent designers and engineers. All World Trading Corporation is committed to provide only the highest quality of Orthodontics & dental instruments to our world wide valuable customers. As expressed in our mission statement, we strive to offer products to real value that meet our customers needs. Our continuous commitment is to the development of safe and effective products and Orthodontics & Dental instruments which help improve the business of our valuable customers after practically. Always we would like to see our valuable customers with happiness and our business associates who reward us with their confidence in us and our products. We want to provide you with best. This is our promise with you for current and future business. We will feel much pleasure if you contact quickly with our company for purchasing highest quality Orthodontics & Dental instruments as per manufactured ISO-9002, CE, Marking and cGMP systems after considered on my above truly words. Bundle of thanks for reading & understanding the history of ALL WORLD TRADING CORPORATION. We will highly appreciate your nice reply as soon as possible, which will be Regard able. Your cordially. M.A.Vaind President